I want to work for Pixar

Meet the RobinsonsI always learn something from Jordon Cooper’s Contextless Links. Today’s lesson was a link to Brad Bird’s list of ways to foster innovation. Boy, there is some good stuff there. Because I have a five-yr. old I know a lot about Pixar products! I have watched the Incredibles numerous times and, I have to admit, I love the movie. What has made Pixar special is their ability to tell a great story using animation.

Ben’s favorite from last summer was "Meet the Robinsons.’ " Companies like Pixar always look like they would be fun to work for. Much more fun than any of the companies or organizations I have worked for. People scoot around on scooters and spend the day drawing pictures and making up stories. Doesn’t that sound like fun. Maybe I can get a job in a place like that when I grow up!

By charleswear Posted in Culture

4 comments on “I want to work for Pixar

  1. Hey Kyle,
    Thanks for the heads up on Meet the Robinsons. Still, it was my son Ben’s favorite film from last summer :)…

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